Eye-stopper (shelfstopper, stopper)

A panel made of plastic, which attracts the customer to the product. Simultaneously it serves as border of a product line range on the shelf in the point of sale

How to make a good present an original one?

When you have to choose a present, very often nothing extraordinary comes to mind. We have managed to make a good present an original one.

The most simple and universal present for a man is a good spirit. That’s why we have chosen Jack Daniels whisky. We could stop choosing it, but our present must not be just a good one, it must surprise, remain in one's memory and reflect our creative and professional skills.
So an idea to create an exclusive packing for spirits appeared, a packing that could make almost a banal gift an original one. Stylish and exquisite nominal boxes for spirits are made of wood, all necessary information as congratulatory so advertising is marked with the help of laser.

Our creative approach to the solution of standard tasks initiated the beginning of a new important service – production of author’s nominal packing for spirits. If spirit was simply a good present before, it will become an original one thanks to us.

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