POS (Point Of Sale)

Point of sale. In a general sense — an advertising tool for promotion of production sale, representing a complex of advertising products, agitating to purchase a certain good in the point of sale

About us

Sometimes it’s very hard to find a contractor that is ready to realize a formulated task in a quality manner and in time, that’s why sometimes you have to take part personally in the solution of contractor’s problems.

If you value your time, nerves, and want to get a guaranteed result without any problems, you can easily write up an order in our company. Because our company:

  • Realizes a production of wide range of souvenir and advertising production, working with a lot of materials: wood, nonferrous metals, plastics, stone, genuine leather, etc.
  • Owns a modern equipment: cutter machine Multicam 3000 Series, two laser machines Yueming, with the help of which cutting, laser cutting, engraving, etc. are realized.
  • Accepts orders, starting from curved cutout of serial articles, development of piece POS materials, souvenir production and ending with three-dimensional articles of industrial destination: forms for moulding, vacuum formations.
  • Works not only with layout design presented by the Customer, but also is ready to embody the most original, extraordinary, unrealizable at first sight ideas from the beginning and at high level.
  • Helps even on a tight schedule, doesn’t ask too many questions, never faces unforeseen consequences, doesn’t delay due dates, and doesn’t bring the Customer to the solution of working questions.

We guarantee a high quality performance of every formulated task regardless of order complexity.

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